Pine Street provides it members many opportunities to share their faith through mission projects and ministries. On going ministries include:

  • Senior Adult Dinners for community residents
  • Adult Home Ministry
  • Caritas Homeless Ministry, etc.


The Oregon Hill Baptist Center also offers any opportunities to serve or to receive help.

Since 1974 the Oregon Hill Baptist Center has been located in Pine Street Baptist Church.  Once known as the Cary Street Center and housed in the building which is now the OHHIC offices, the Oregon Hill Baptist Center has been an important part of the community.  As a social ministry partner with Pine Street and other Baptist churches, the center has offered numerous programs over the years for the betterment of our community.  From Senior and children’s programs, counseling support, to a fully online computer lab, to financial and food assistance, the Oregon Hill Center has touched the lives of many of her neighbors.


   Rev. Jennifer Turner, the current director, continues to lead the center in reaching out to the entire community.    Volunteers are always welcome to come and be a part of this community ministry.  If you would like information on the Oregon Hill Baptist Center programs or you would like to volunteer then please contact Jennifer at 648-1353. 








Bill Berry Offering for Community Missions
This past year Pine Street Baptist Church said goodbye to a good friend. The Rev. Bill Berry, retired director of the Oregon Hill and Cary Street Baptist Centers, went home to be with the Lord. Bill spent much of his life as a minister to the people of the Oregon Hill community. His gentle spirit and servant heart was experienced by many over the years. Everyone knew and loved Mr. Berry
In honor of his commitment to missions, Pine Street has established a new missions offering in his memory. This annual offering is designed to allow people to give directly to the ministries of Pine Street Baptist Church. Ministries such as our ongoing homeless ministry, Humphrey Adult Home ministry, and others will benefit from those who participate. 
In each member’s offering packet this year is an offering envelope labeled as the Bill Berry Community Missions Offering which is to be received beginning in the month of March. If you are not a member and would like to contribute to this special offering you may send you gift to Pine Street Baptist Church, 400 S. Pine Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220. Your generosity will enable Pine Street to continue its ministries in Oregon Hill. For questions you may call, (804) 644-0339




Food Pantry



We are continually collecting for the



Food Pantry.  Non-Perishable goods are always